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sorry for my usual readers and also for the others du to my poor english.

I'm health & safety manager in France for nearly 20 years.

I work for an international company and I travelled in a lot of countries by the last 4 years.

 I'm very interested having a better knowledge than what I know about the H&S organization in different countries.

If you work in other country than France and want to learn about different practices in H&S in France we could discuss.

I'm ready to explain what are the rules in France and give your some informations in H&S


I'm not fluent in English but, m level is nearly the same in spanish and a level lower in german. So It's possible  to discuss in this 3 languages.

If you are interested, you need to write a comment at the bottom of this article in "ecrire un commentaire". I will answer you.

thanks a lot



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